About us

We specialize in Plus size clothing we have in house seamtress & tailor we carry International Religious fashions, India, Saudia Arabia, Kuwait, Africa, Indonisia,China, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan and the list goes on.. Hijabs, Educational Islamic Games, Halal health & beauty aids,Jewerly, Imported Oils, Mens thoubs Kufis, Rock Potpourri,Prayer Rugs w/ compass, Miswak,Arm Guards, pure Shea Butter,Islamic Wall Hangs, Islamic Gifts, Perfumes, Salwaar Kameese, Abayahs, children books, Gift wrapping, all occassion gift cards, Halal Pies and sweets (by order) and more
Meet the Manager:

Fatimah s

Fatimah has been managing the sunnah the better for over 25 years she is extremely knowledgeable on all products and also handles marketing dept she is also knowledgeable in Islam and provides naseeh (Islamic Advice) to those in question.
Established in 1993


The Sunnah The Better formally known as Muslimahs is a family owned business who relocated from the East coast to Texas in 1995 we are very active in the community by hosting a wide variety of events and programs for the community. We have projects such as ``the Sadaqa House``, Dawah Center, Take it to the Bridge(feeding Homeless) Each One Teach One ..Old & Young read Quran together.. Islamic Childrens book club.. Supporter of the local Masjid Activities, we are the designated location for Why Islam Mentoring program.. Also we host and we are promoters of International Islamic Fashions Shows throughout Texas.